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What chess board to buy? | Definitive guide to choose the perfect board


What chess board to buy? | Definitive guide to choose the perfect board

Hello, chess friends! Surely you will have seen yourself at the crossroads of not knowing what game board to buy. The wide selection of models, sizes, materials, etc. It makes it a difficult choice. This is why we have decided to write this buying guide, so you know which chess board to buy according to your needs.
This guide will also work for those who want to give a set of board and pieces, but who does not know very well which board to buy. Remember that chess players take this sport very seriously, so if you want to look good, I recommend you read this guide. If you give a bad board to a good player, he won't get too excited.

Aspects to consider when buying a chess board

There are many aspects that we must take into account when buying a chess board. Next, we will detail the most important one by one. Go for it.

Use of the board

The first thing you have to question is the use that will be made of the board, this will determine almost everything else. Is it going to be a daily, occasional or only decorative game board? Ask yourself this question seriously because with it you must mark the path of your choice.
If the use that will be given to the board is daily, whether for a chess club, school or to play daily, you may be interested in a plastic chess board. These are simpler but have the advantage that they do not accuse wear and are almost indestructible.
If the board is going to be an occasional use, you can buy a wooden board. Chess players actually prefer wood sets, since they are prettier, have the right weight and are much more stable.
You can also buy a wooden board to play daily, but you must be careful, since both pieces and board wear out over time. It is something extremely normal, later we will explain the details when we talk about the material.
Finally, if you are going to buy a chess board with special designs, we recommend that you buy it simply as a decorative element. We refer to those sets that come with pieces with some kind of theme (Romans, Egyptian, etc.). These sets are not intended to play, since it is difficult to identify the pieces and wear will spoil them.


Board material

There are boards of different materials. The main ones are wood and plastic /vinyl. Plastic assemblies are cheaper and durable, but in return playing with a plastic board is not very warm. They are fine for learning or for children. They are also valid for chess clubs or schools with low budget.
The most advanced chess players like wood sets more. They give a totally different game feeling, it is much more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Also the weight and touch of the pieces are more comfortable. On the other hand, wood wears out over time. If you want a durable board, buy a quality one. We advise you to read our guide of woods to know what type of wood to choose.
A little note about all this. If you doubt what type of board to buy, we recommend a Staunton model. It is the one that is played in tournaments officially and in general it is the standard design that everyone uses. The chess players are used to the pattern of pieces and Staunton board. In our store you will find many sets.

Board size

We already dedicate this article to talk about the size of the board, if you have doubts about this you can read it. Here we will simply give a couple of notes. The first is that you don't buy a set that is too big or too small, unless that is your intention. A medium sized set is the best for everyday use.
The second tip is that if you buy board and pieces separately, consider the size of the squares. There is nothing more annoying than a piece too tight inside a box. It is annoying to look at but also during the game. In our guide of board sizes you can find more details about this.

Board features

There are several more features that we must consider when choosing a board.
  • Coordinates: There are boards with and without coordinates. If you are learning, it is better to buy one with coordinates, since it is essential to know them to make the annotations in the tournaments. The most advanced players do not need coordinates, which is why higher quality boards do not carry them.

  • Gloss or matte: The boards are usually always matt, but the pieces can be matte or glossy. This goes according to the tastes of each person. Some prefer mate because the brightness distracts them and they cannot concentrate. Others prefer with brightness because it gives depth and luminosity to the game. Choose what you like best.

  • Box color: The most common boards are black and white. It is also very common to find wooden boards of different shades. There are other more special of different colors, these would be something more decorative or personal taste.

  • Transportable: There are boards that are designed to take on a trip. Folding, rolling, magnetic sets, etc. If that is your perfect goal, but if it is for normal use we do not advise it, a “normal and current” board is better.

  • Price: There are many price boards, luckily playing chess can be really cheap. If you have a small budget you can buy a plastic or wooden board of low quality. The most expensive boards are those that the wood is of high quality, its finishes are excellent and its durability is much greater.

  • Brand. There are high quality boards of unknown brand that are very valid. Now, if you want an excellent quality board, we advise you to buy one from Ferrer Rechapados, since it is the most important board manufacturer in the world.


What chess board to buy?

As you can see there are many things to consider before buying a board. To choose properly, you must take all of them into account. If you still don't know which one to buy, you can contact us by email or through social networks. We will help you choose the right one.

Checkmate and see you next time!

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