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Boxes to store chess pieces, wood, plastic - EscaciMat

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Boxes for storing chess pieces

At Escacimat we have a wide variety of boxes to store chess pieces. Keeping our playset safe is very important, as it allows us to keep parts in good condition for much longer. Not only that, it is also important to keep them in a safe place, so as not to lose any part.

If you want to keep your favorite pieces always safe, then you must keep them in one of our chess boxes. We have different sizes and materials, as well as a wide variety of prices. Below, you will be able to read a small buying guide so you don't make a mistake when buying yours.


Types of chess boxes

The different chess boxes in our store have various characteristics that differentiate them from each other. Shape, material used, type of wood, size, interior protection, etc. All these aspects affect both usability and the final price of the box, although the most premium box we have is not very expensive either. These are the types of boxes that you can find in Escacimat.

Chess boxes material

  • Plastic. The plastic boxes for storing chess pieces are the cheapest and most basic in the store. They are simple and useful, you can store any type of parts, but they are designed for frequent and unprofessional use. Ideal for children.
  • Wood. The wooden boxes are of higher quality, although the woods used are of different types. The better this is, the higher the price of the box will be. The color of the wood varies between light and darker colors, as well as in the varnish and final finish.
  • Leather. We have a leather-lined box for greater protection and durability. They usually incorporate an interior felt to protect the pieces against knocks.

Size and shape of chess boxes

We have chess boxes of different sizes, which adapt to the different standard measurements of chess pieces. The lid is usually hinged opening, but there is also one with a sliding lid. Choosing the dimensions of the box well is essential, since otherwise all the pieces in our set will not fit, even the largest pieces will protrude and the box will not close.

We can also differentiate the different shapes that chess boxes adapt. Normally, they are rectangular and divided into two sections, to separate the white from the black pieces. Some boxes have a different shape, such as flat boxes, which have an interior space with the shape for all the pieces. If you buy this, make sure your pieces are the ideal size for this box.

Buy your case for chess pieces in Escacimat

Now that you know a little more about the chess sets that we have in our store, you just have to buy the one that best suits your most precious pieces. If you do not know how to buy, follow this buying guide or contact us, we will help you place your order.

And remember, that once the game is over, the King and the Pawn always end up in the same box.


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