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USB E-Board Rosewood/Royal

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USB E-Board Rosewood/Royal

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The DGT e-Board is the best chess-PC interface and a typical DGT product: innovative and designed for true chess lovers. Add a new dimension to your chess fun. High quality and value for money.

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  • Royal weighted
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The beautiful wooden e-Board DGT USB simply connects to the USB port of your computer and offers you the best of two worlds: the classic chess set on a traditional wooden board, combined with the technology of internet and computers of the 21st century .

Use the board to play online on chess Internet pages, to play against chess engines or simply to record the plays of your games. Transmit the movements live through the Internet or retrieve the PGN for later analysis or publication.

Or use the board for chess training and analysis of games or positions. The ingenious electronic boards with recognition of individual pieces act as a unique input device for chess moves. Simply configure any position on the board and your computer will instantly recognize the individual pieces and their positions. No problems to enter a position on the computer and great ease of use.

It is also possible to combine your DGT electronic board with the DGT Pi as your best chess training partner.

The DGT e-Board is the best chess-PC interface and a typical DGT product: innovative and designed for true chess lovers. Add a new dimension to your chess fun. High quality and value for money.

USB electronic boards are available in three types of wood: walnut, rosewood or wengé. Choose any of the five models of electronic DGT chess pieces available to play.

The USB e-Boards are supplied in a sturdy and practical gift box, and come with the famous Fritz chess program, and 100 days of free premium access to

The gift box includes:

  • USB Cable
  • two additional queens
  • watch cable
  • CD Fritz12
  • Software CD DGT e-Board.

The specifications, colors and contents may vary from the illustrations.

Chess board with USB port:
Rosewood wood  (you can choose the board with or without coordinates)

Chess pieces:
Royal model (rosewood / maple)

  • Weight 5,75 Kg.
  • Material Wooden
  • Total weight pieces 662 grs. Weighted 1.026 grs.
  • King Height 97 mm.
  • Mida tauler 54x54 cm.
  • Others Automatic play recognition
  • Size box 54 mm.
  • Manufacturer DGT Projects
  • Year of publication 1998
  • Electronic board type Rosewood
  • Electronic pieces Royal
  • Connection type USB

How do I find the correct DGT board?

The DGT company's basic range consists of three boards in different types of wood and a plastic board (“Smart Board”), each of which can be combined with one of a total of five models of wooden pieces and a plastic set. The boards are offered with and without coordinates.

The standard models are:

Walnut wood board (without coordinates)
Wenge wood board (with coordinates)
Rosewood wood board (with coordinates)
Plastic board (with coordinates)
Plastic board (without coordinates)

The custom-made products (some with delivery times, consult) are:

Walnut wood board (with coordinates)
Wenge wood board (no coordinates)
Rosewood wood board (no coordinates)

Each of the boards is optionally equipped with one of the following interfaces for connection to a PC:

  • Bluetooth (wirelessly by radio)
  • USB connection
  • Serial interface

Bluetooth boards are also equipped with a USB interface and can therefore be used flexibly.

Plastic boards are only available with a USB connection.

With a total of almost 300 possible board combinations with parts, there is an almost unmanageable variety, so one can easily lose the overview. (If you want a combination that we do not have for sale, let us know and we can provide it for sure.

With the explanations below, we want to help you target and narrow the range.

At the beginning there is the decision on the technical characteristics.


- De serie:

El uso típico de tableros con una interfaz en serie es el uso en una red con varias estaciones para la transmisión de partidas de un torneo o una match de equipos en Internet. Solo las computadoras más antiguas todavía están equipadas con una interfaz en serie, por lo que dicha placa solo se considera en casos muy raros para el usuario individual.

- USB (bus serie universal):

Este sistema para conectar computadoras a dispositivos externos, incluido un PC, ha reemplazado varios sistemas de interfaz en el pasado.

Las computadoras personales actuales y casi todas las computadoras portátiles están equipadas con puertos USB en su configuración básica. El cable garantiza una conexión sin problemas.

Los tableros USB son más baratos que los tableros Bluetooth.

- Bluetooth (inalámbrico; radio)

Este estándar versátil se utiliza para la transmisión inalámbrica de datos. Para comunicarse con el PC, el ordenador o portátil debe ser compatible con Bluetooth.
Este ya es el caso con muchos portátiles actuales en su configuración básica. Si es necesario, el PC se debe conectar con un adaptador Bluetooth. Cuestan de 10 a 20 €.

El tablero Bluetooth es alrededor de  100€ más caro que la variante USB correspondiente, pero la versión Bluetooth también se puede conectar al ordenador a través de USB, lo que la hace más versátil.


Depending on the connection to the PC, the choice of wood type / color should be made after the basic decision on the connection to the PC. Available options are walnut, wenge, and rosewood.


Pieces Royal:

King: Alçada 97 mm. Weight 39 grs. Base 38 mm.

Queen: Alçada 82 mm. Weight 38 grs. Base 37 mm.

Bishop: Alçada 73 mm. Weight 22 grs. Base 34 mm.

Knight: Alçada 64 mm. Weight 30 grs. Base 33 mm.

Rook: Alçada 53 mm. Weight 23 grs. Base 31 mm.

Pawn: Alçada 49 mm. Weight 13 grs. Base 27 mm.

Pieces Royal weighted

King: Alçada 97 mm. Weight 58 grs. Base 42 mm.

Queen: Alçada 80 mm. Weight 54 grs. Base 40 mm.

Bishop: Alçada 71 mm. Weight 31 grs. Base 35 mm.

Knight: Alçada 67 mm. Weight 40 grs. Base 35 mm.

Rook: Alçada 58 mm. Weight 40 grs. Base 35 mm.

Pawn: Alçada  53 mm. Weight 22 grs. Base 29 mm.


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