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This very resistant fine grain wood has a beautiful reddish brown color.

It is one of the preferred in cabinetmaking because they are largely used for quality furniture, such as cabinets, wood paneling and veneers.

Due to its property of high density and durability it is very used in tropical areas that have high humidity.


The walnut is one of the hardest woods that exist.

They offer a beautiful chocolate brown color with a lovely grain and have spots that go very well.

The walnut is not as dense as cherry or mahogany, but it is still very sought after for luxury paneling, furniture, cabinets, doors, ornaments and turned elements.


This wood, also called 'panga-panga', 'jambire' or 'mpande', is tropical and has an African origin.

It is characterized by having a layer under the bark, called sapwood. This one has a whitish or light yellow color.

On the other hand, the driest area of the trunk, called heartwood, varies from dark brown to purplish black with fine brown streaks.


It is, together with the African Wengue, the blackest wood of all the known ones, although it also appears in dark brown with black streaks or with a gray or brown mottling.

The grain is fine and tight, of great hardness, but it can be worked very well. Difficult to varnish.

It is used for the decoration of luxury interiors, in quality furniture, for musical instruments and in turnery.


The color of the sapwood varies from whitish gray to cream and the heartwood varies from pink, freshly cut, to reddish-brown-violet, when exposed to light.

The wood of sapwood is clearly differentiated and in the wood in roll occupies a thickness of 4 to 8 cm. The woody rays are thin, wavy, and distributed in stages. The fiber is interlaced.

The grain varies from fine to medium. It has a characteristic smell reminiscent of cedar and that remains for a long time. Sometimes it can exude resin.


Pine is considered a soft wood and has a uniform texture, is less expensive than hardwoods and is easy to work with.

It is one of the woods most used by professionals and advisable in terms of price quality.

Pine is widely used in carpentry, panels, furniture and moldings.


Teak is a hard wood and resistant to moisture.

Teak is resistant to deformations, cracks and deterioration and is best used in fine furniture, doors, window frames, floors and construction in general.

Teak is especially used in outdoor furniture and more humid areas.


In its origin it is pinkish brown, although it gets darker with time, taking on a mahogany red color.

It is a delicate wood that must be well dried as it tends to twist.

It is widely used in the manufacture of furniture, chairs, coatings, given its great decorative contribution.