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Houdini 4 Pro Standard downloadable


Vladimir Kramnik analyzes the decisive game of the World Cup FIDE.The four semifinalists discuss their best games!

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Houdini is unquestioned number one! The module, written by the Belgian Robert Houdart, is known for finding traps and resources in positions that can not be deciphered by other modules. Now, with the launch of its latest reincarnation, Houdini module 4 has been improved significantly. Its 50 Elo points in playing strength represent almost double the performance analysis and duels modules.

A significant element of the new version is the ability to use end Syzygy bases, including a full analysis of all the final pieces to 6 *. Houdini 4 was developed taking into account compatibility and has been tuned to work with this ultramodern format tablebases to offer the optimum in terms of accuracy and strength in the final.

Houdini 4 also offers all the virtues and elements that made its predecessor popular program analysis in the chess world, but now also uses a highly accurate valuation functions that are directly correlated with the expectations of victory in a module position concrete. In addition, the improved tactical mode makes Houdini 4 to be the best chess problem solver of all time.

Houdini 4 comes with the latest Deep Fritz 14 GUI and also offers all the features and functions including training and analysis standard on Deep Fritz 14.

     Houdini 4 Module supports up to 32 processors / cores and 256 GB of transposition tables.
     The new interface of Deep Fritz 64-bit (+ 32-bit interface)
     Aceeso Internet database to further analysis of the world, Let's Check, with over 200 million extensively analyzed positions **
     Cloud access modules ChessBase
     Premium Subscription to Playchess.com (6 months)
     Database with more than 1.5 million games and more.

* Syzygy late Bases not included ** Let's Check Access to 31/12/2015 <